Recruitment and Placement

One of the most important criteria in recruitment processes in Polinas consists of competences. Our objective is to recruit innovative persons open to change with high level of achievement desire, sensitivity to the environment and society, dynamism, adopting trustworthy and quality work with high performance and Yıldız Holding values; and to place them to a department appropriate to their qualifications by examining their knowledge, skills and competences.

You can find the details of job opportunities and advertisements in Polinas at . We regularly examine the personal backgrounds of candidates and invite appropriate ones for interview by reaching them on the phone.

Internal Recruitment (First Us)

Vacant positions in Yıldız Holding Group Companies are presented to our employees with internal announcements and have been organized in order to create an opportunity to the appropriate positions. This application presented to the employees with the motto “First Us” aims at increasing the synergy in Yıldız Holding and presenting the position and career opportunities in which employees can use their potentials in the most proper manner in our companies.

What we consider in recruitment process of the candidates who will participate in Polinas Group

We try to understand the level of “Be a Star” qualifications of a person in our recruitment processes in Polinas and his/her appropriateness to employee culture described as “Us” in Polinas.

If you claim that you hold these qualifications and this culture is exactly right for you, apply to our open vacancies and get the chance to join us!

Career Development Planning

Our career approach in Polinas is based on the partnership among the employee, director and organization. In this context, we expect each employee to manage his/her own career development, fulfill the responsibility in order to develop his/her own team.

With the system of Polinas Career Development Planning, we intend to ensure that our employees are aware of their knowledge, skills, potentials and talents, question their fields of interest and define their development points firstly by themselves.

70/20/10 Learning Model

We adopt 70/20/10 approach in adult learning in the process of Polinas Career Development planning. According to this model, we think that 70% of learning and development practices should be acquired with the experiences during work. Remaining 20% includes information channels such as mentorship, coaching, observation. 10% is based on traditional learning methodology.

Career Development Model

Career development planning created based on Career Development Model has been designed with the purpose of evaluating development needs of the employees in our organization. We take 5 factors into consideration when evaluating our employees for the new job opportunities in our organization:

We are taking 5 factors into account while evaluating our employees for the job opportunities created in our organization.

  1. Continuous High Performance
    It means consistent and continuous successful results which should be taken into account by the individual both for the future job opportunities and in terms of human consideration.
  2. Functional Expertise
    Functional expertise is created by gaining experience in different fields and roles in the same position in the course of time.
  3. Key Experiences
    Position changes, special projects, short-term appointments and other opportunities are the best method of creating career development experiences and helps employees to develop their competencies by making a contribution the depth of their experiences.
  4. Having a Grip on Entire Job
    Holding an extensive knowledge as well as expertise in a functional field is important.
  5. Leadership Skills
    Success in the whole organization is likely to be achieved with powerful leadership skills. Yıldız Holding has developed a leadership model defining necessary behavior and skills for success.

Human Resource Planning

Human Resources Planning (HRP) process preparing our human resource and organization for the future is applied in Polinas.

With HRP, we intend to:

Polinas Academy

Polinas Academy has been established based on the company’s vision, mission and the values which should be adopted by all of our colleagues and the qualities defined for Polinas company culture.

With this system, required technical trainings and trainings on competence development categories on the basis of department/position have been defined. In this way, all employees and colleagues working with us are included in a Defined, Sustainable & Traceable & Observable and Efficient development journey.

Yıldız Academy

Yıldız Academy is a training and knowledge sharing environment which may meet professional and development requirements in the work life. Our employees may have a fast access over this platform to various trainings, examinations and documents at any time they may wish.

All companies within the body of Yıldız Holding maintain their socialization and development environment over this platform, communicate and share information with other participants.