Polinas Plastik established in Manisa in 1982 as Turkey's first BOPP (Biaxially-oriented Polypropylene) film producer, Polinas is the leading Turkish packaging company in its sector.
Polinas continues to grow by steadily increasing its BOPP investments.
In 2011, Italy's number one BOPET (Biaxially-oriented Polyester) film producer bought the Nuroll SpA factory and invested in a different film category. In 2012, BOPET made a new factory investment in Manisa in the field of film.
At the same time, by secondary processing the films produced with the high-tech machines; It has also started to offer flexible packaging products such as metallized films, coated films with high barrier properties, and opening strips. While Polinas is one of the largest manufacturers in Turkey in its sector according to its total capacity, it is among the top five manufacturers in Europe.
The BOPP/BOPET packaging films produced by Polinas (after printing by customers) are mainly used in many kinds of food packaging (bakery, pasta, pulses, biscuits, chocolate, snacks, water, soft drinks, snacks, powdered foods and coffees, etc.) in the market. we can see it on tapes, textile bags, packaging of hygiene products.
BEP Hologram company, which was established in 2005, is the first and only company that can produce products such as holographic film, security holograms, holographic opening tapes, hot stamping holograms, hologram shrink with Wide Web and Narrow Web machines under the same roof. is the only Turkish company.
Polinas, which moved its facilities from Istanbul to Manisa by incorporating Rotopaş, the producer of the Sera brand, in 2016, continues to produce consumer products such as stretch film, garbage bag, refrigerator bag, aluminum foil, greaseproof baking paper, known under the brand "Sera".