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Transparent or solid-white heat sealable co-extruded films for food and confectionery packaging


-Wide sealing range films with the starting sealing temperature of 75 șC, 95 șC   and standart 115 șC

-For high speed packaging low COF films

-For textile packaging low haze films

-For fresh fruit and vegetable packaging antifog and special antifog-antibacterial films

-Cigarette films; for packaging of single box, for multi-packs and shrinkable films.
114HYesOneTransparent film
114H2YesOneLow COF transparent film
114HBYesOneSolid white film
114WHYesOneTransparent, one side LTS (=low temperature sealing) film
114VWHYesOneTransparent, one side LTS (=low temperature sealing) film
119WBYesOneSolid white, one side LTS film
117HYesOneTransparent, both sides heat sealable, stable COF and hot slip BOPP film.
114HCYesOneSuper clear, low haze film for textile packaging
124HFYesBothBoth side antifog film
AB1F1YesBothAntifog - antibacterial film
305YesNoCigarette wrapping film for single packs and multi-packs
306YesNoShrink, super slip, cigarette overwrapping film
116HYesOneHigh shrink film for owerwrapping
119WYesOneOne side LTS transparent film
115HDYesOneOne side matte,heat sealable film

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