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Metallized, heat sealable or non-heat sealable, coex or pearlized films      


7514YesOneMetallized film
7519WYesOneMetallized, one side LTS film
7525NoBothMetallized film for cold seal applications
GIFTNoOneMetallized film for flower and gift wrapping
ICEMETYesOnePearlized/metallized ice-cream packaging film
MRGNoBothPearlized/metallized overwrap film for margarine packaging
C711YesOneMetallized cast PP film
7514EYesOneMetallized, heat sealable, high barrier BOPP film for food&confectionary packaging
7B046YesOneUltra high barrier coated metallized film
7B0413YesOnePearlized / Metallized, coated high barrier low heat sealable film for food packaging applications
7426CSYesBothWhite opaque, metallised BOPP film for packaging

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