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Metallized, heat sealable or non-heat sealable, coex or pearlized films      


7514YesOneMetallized film
7519WYesOneMetallized, one side LTS film
7525NoBothMetallized film for cold seal applications
GIFTNoOneMetallized film for flower and gift wrapping
ICEMETYesOnePearlized/metallized ice-cream packaging film
MRGNoBothPearlized/metallized overwrap film for margarine packaging
C711YesOneMetallized cast PP film
7514EYesOneMetallized, heat sealable, high barrier BOPP film for food&confectionary packaging
7B046YesOneUltra high barrier coated metallized film
7B0413YesOnePearlized / Metallized, coated high barrier low heat sealable film for food packaging applications
7426CSYesBothWhite opaque, metallised BOPP film for packaging
PXMNoNoOne side untreated, One side metallized BOPET film.
XPMNoOneOne side corona treated, One side metallized BOPET film.
KMPNoNoChemical coated side is metallized, other side untreated BOPET film.
KMXNoOneChemical coated side is metallized, other side corona treated BOPET film.

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